I  am just a simple girl who is here to share her feelings,passions through writing.

There are  days when you find yourself wanting to talk to someone at that particular moment but then,those people are far away from you or even do not exist anymore…am here  to put that weight off my

chest,trying to set my heart free…

Used to write while in high school but when i joined university i did a totally different degree and that decreased my passion for writing but here i am bringing to life that(writing skills) which was dead…so help me God.

Writing makes me feel better, it is magic for me. I really feel much better speaking  out my mind than burning inside.

I have passion for fashion/style & photography and my sense of style is improving day by day,so grateful how far i have come. So will be sharing my fashion through photos and writng.

In addition i love encouraging,inspiring and motivating others mostly through my life testmonies. So will be writing about my life’s journey and general topics on life.

Will appreciate if you stick around.

Just angel