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Feeling so alone with no one to talk to about how your day was at the office,what you ate for lunch? No one to discuss those usual fights you always have with your boyfriend/girlfriend,no one to help you choose the best dress or shirt among the many whenever you go to the mall for shopping???!!
You have lost all your friends out of your own making or because they decided to leave you?
I understand that feeling because i have been there, but you know what? it is not too late to get up from your tear -filled pillow and make new friends,you rather try and fail than failing to try.

Life is too short to worry about the friends who left you. It does not make sense staying with friends who love you because of what you have and not for who you are!

Why would you stay with a friend who is never there when you need them the most but only surface when they need help..!  Like an English man says, a friend in need is a friend indeed.To hell with those friends with benefits and start afresh.

Now that i have lost all the fake friends,how on earth am i going to make new friends and where do i start?
I got you covered with the folling tips to make new friends

Take care of your self
How about you came out of  your depressed bed and went out to shop for some new clothes,that little black dress you have always admired on pinterest, or those strapless sandles you saw on instagram and give your self a make over?
My point is,you need to take care of your body,most times people judge a book by its cover,so try to invest in your look to attract those potential friends. No one wants to be around a shabby looking person so dress right amd lift up your confidence.

Put your self out there.
Go to church: and join ministry whatever your interest is, be it singing,ushering you name it.
Join a class or club: cooking,dancing,sports club..there you will meet people who will  engage with you. And conversations will flow naturally as you share same interests
  Live shows/concerts.Get out of the house and buy the ticket to that music concert,and hit the concert with confidence…trust me you will not fail to meet some interesting people who will make your day brighter
Try Online friendship: It is possible to find some nice people online who can turn into real/physical friends…just be cautious on that…there alot of fake people too.

Be approachable(Smile, Talk to people and do not take your self too seriously)
    Always smile,talk to peopl…it can as easy as giving a simple complement”hey i like your earings!” belive me you, what will come out of that complement is a long conversation hence that will keep you talking for half an hour hence a new friend in the making.
Try to keep a smile on your face and hide that anxiety inside…you know they say “fake it until its real” people do not want to be around people who are gloomy,and in corners so be hapy and mlalways sit near people.

Come up with a  friendship Questionaire
Come up with a bunch of questions to ask those new people you meet so that you make it about them and not about you…in that way they will feel needed hence friendship.

Angel i have tried all the above but all in vain?
If you have really tried,i mean like really tried to do all the above but still you have not made any friend,thats not the end of the world…friendship is not the only source of happiness…
How about you get involved in those things you were always passionate about. What dreams do you have? Maybe you love talking,writing,fashion…how about you start a youtube channel,a blog,edit your photos ….trust me,when you do what you love,it brings happines,in the process of doing what you love,that alone can be a magnet to atteact real friends who have the same interests as you.

Its not too late to be happy…start now.

By Angel mbeks.